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What are Dental Veneers?

You may already know that a veneer is a thin covering over another surface. In dentistry, a veneer is a wafer-thin layer of super-strong porcelain that convincingly substitutes for natural tooth enamel. When bonded to your teeth, veneers can create a natural-looking, beautiful new surface. That’s because dental porcelain, (like natural tooth enamel), is translucent and tough, but it doesn’t stain like tooth enamel does.

Recent years have brought remarkable advances in dental porcelain technology. These days, veneers can be made so thin that they can sometimes be bonded directly onto your existing tooth surface. In other cases, a very thin layer of tooth enamel — as thin as the veneer itself — needs to be removed to fit the new porcelain surface and make it look as lifelike as possible. Either way, the results are sure to make you smile.

At Harmon Dental Center we are committed to provide the latest technology in dentistry in order to ensure the best and most predictable outcomes.  Same day veneer is technology where Dr. Harmon and Dr. Rupp will prepare your tooth, mill your ceramic veneer chairside and customize it in house in order to achieve the best esthetics and function, and the best part all in ONE day!

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